Mass Media Fellowship

Application Procedures

It’s important to start the online application as soon as you decide you want to apply.  This will allow you to provide us with the email addresses of your recommenders.  This year, instead of accepting letters of reference we are sending a link to a “Recommendation Questionnaire”.  Recommenders will answer questions online and must submit by January 15th.

The application is filled out almost entirely online, with only one uploaded document. A complete application packet consists of:

  1. Applicant information (contact information, academic history etc.) 
  2. Two "Recommendation Questionnaires" completed online by recommenders you identify.  At least one of these recommenders should be a faculty member who can comment on your academic work.  A third is optional but encouraged.  Recommenders who can comment on your science communication or writing is highly encouraged as well.
  3. Your CV (text entered into form, NOT and uploaded document).
  4. Candidate Questions: Responses to each of the 7 reflective questions found within the online application.
  5. General Writing Sample:  Brief sample of your writing on any subject (science or non-science topic and directed toward a non-scientific audience (using language appropriate for the general public).  DO NOT submit technical or journal articles.  1000 words entered into text box in application
  6. Sample News Story: A 750 word 'news' story for the general public summarizing a science, mathematics or engineering journal paper from the past 6 months (published after July 2018) and describing waht the study's findings are, why they are important, and what the impact will be on the public.  The original paper MUST BE PRIMARY LITERATURE (scientific paper published in a journal or presented at a scientific conference, NOT from a newspaper, magazine or other popular media).
  7. Upload source article:  The journal article used to write your Sample News Story.  This is the only item you will upload for the application.
  8. Transcripts are NOT requested for the initial application submission.  Finalists will be asked to send official transcripts before moving to the final selection round.

Applicants are evaluated by a selection committee composed of experts in the sciences, education, and media. The committee makes recommendations to the AAAS staff, who are responsible for the final decisions and for negotiations between the candidates and the media hosts. Telephone or virtual interviews are conducted with semi-finalists sometime in March. Candidates should receive final notification of the status of their application by late April.

Find more tips on putting together your application here.